Thanks for visiting my website and a bigger thanks for reading my books!

A little FYI – My contact form hasn’t been working right so I took it off my page. Feel free to email me at Lyladunewrites@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Many readers have asked if the Pleasure Island series will continue, and the answer is YES! I see no end in sight for the quirky islanders. The quirky characters, naughty seniors, and the ostriches seem to be a real big hit with readers. I have several stories in mind for the series in 2015. I’ll keep you posted.

Recently, book four – Even Tide Bikini was released, which completes “Bikini Quartet.”  I’ll be forming a collection of the first four books.

The next installment features make-up artist, Colleen, and Sheriff Meyers. Make Up with the Sheriff. I’ve just started writing that one, so no release date has been set yet.

I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for all the kind words and encouragement from readers. Your feedback has kept me going during some tough times. Some of you have told me my fun-loving books have helped to cheer you up during some rough times of your own, and knowing that has meant the world to me. Human connection – at the end of the day – that’s what it’s all about. I’m happy my words have lifted you up and yours have done the same for me.

My first year in publishing has been a wild ride. Amidst all the changes in my life, one thing has become very clear–I love writing and made the right choice to pursue it. Sharing my work has brought me so much joy, and without readers like you that wouldn’t have been possible.

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New Release: Even Tide Bikini


Even Tide Bikini