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This story was a lot of fun to write. It features Crazy Mazy Washington, the drummer for Bikini Quartet. Mazy is a redheaded mechanic who drives a pimped out purple hearse and has a pet pig named Rooster. She has a great sense of humor, is loyal to her family, works hard, stands up for herself, and is starting to see that she has a softer side as well.

Trent McAllister is a gorgeous ex Navy Seal/bounty hunter who is in hot pursuit of Mazy’s twin brother, Earl the Squirrel. Trent finds himself stranded on Pleasure Island with a flock of ostriches and a crew of naughty naked seniors. When he sees Mazy for the first time, he’s smitten, but their opposing missions in regards to her brother create quite a few obstacles.

The attraction between Mazy and Trent is apparent from the onset.

Will Mazy’s father and brother drive a wedge between Trent and Mazy, or will Trent be able to bring Mazy’s family together in a way that includes him?

If you enjoyed Low Tide Bikini, you’ll love Rip Tide Bikini. Myrtle and the gang are up to some new tricks that will crack you up. Plus, you will get to meet a few new characters as well as find out what’s going on with some of the favorite characters from Low Tide Bikini.

(If you purchased Rip Tide Bikini on the morning of March 18th and have discovered a formatting error in your version of the book, feel free to contact me via the contact form on the sidebar, and I’ll see that you get the new version, or you can contact Amazon, and they will send you the update immediately. The error was corrected within a few hours of release, but approximately fifty people purchased the book before the correction went live. I apologize for the blunder and will do everything in my power see that you get the update promptly.)